What are the chances of a sale falling through?

My husband and I are thinking of buying a new house, so we were searching zillow. Found one we fell in love with and immediately contacted the real estate agent. She said the house was actually in the process of being sold pending their financial approval but we could still make an offer in case it falls through? What are the chances of it falling through? Would it be worth putting in a offer? We're in Northern California.

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Seeking Tax Advice on Improving California home vs. renting out old house and buying new home

I know next to nothing about Prop 13 except if we significantly improve our house the taxes will be reassessed, kind of voiding the prop 13 increase limitations. e.g. the house will essentially triple in value (since we've bought it 20 years ago) if we put another story on and have it reassessed at today's market value. This will I believe triple our taxes. (I'm thinking rent the old house and buy a new one if we're going to pay more taxes anyway.) I think the value of the old house will actually decrease because the taxes will be forever triple what they are now. We could easily pay the house off, have the low taxes, and rent it for income forever more. Am I about right on this?

Any advice appreciated.

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[fl] – Need advice on signing an apartment lease

So I don’t know if this is the right thread but here goes. My girlfriend and I Live in Florida and are moving out and we found an apartment that we like. We have money to cover all of the upfront fees and will definitely be able to pay the monthly rent. She makes about $450-$500 every week and we both have quite a bit of money saved in the bank. I work in Real estate. I am licensed but I’ve only been licensed for about two months now. I sold one propertyand have a commission check for $3000 to show for it. I also do some hourly work for my broker that only comes out to about $200 every two weeks. My problem is that the leasing office requires proof that we make three times the rent combined and they want pay stubs to show for it. Obviously this is an issue for my girlfriend but it presents an issue for me because I only have one commission check and The by weekly hourly pay that I get isn’t very impressive. What are my options? How does applying for a lease work with the commission based job and how am I supposed to apply for anything if I don’t have a history of commissions to show? P. S. If we can’t qualify for a lease we don’t have anywhere else to go or live. Please help!

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Buying a Home – Full Service Realtor vs Open Listings?

My husband and I are going to buy our first home in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will probably spend $1.6-2M since we are open to both a fixer-upper or something more turn key. Location and the property are what is most important to us.

We are stuck on whether to go with a full service agent or a service like Open Listings that would result in us getting around $20-25k in a commission refund.

I don't mind finding the homes online and going to open houses. I am not working and can put in the time. What I am wondering is if there is $20k in value during escrow by having a good agent, like when we are potentially bidding against other buyers or if inspection issues come up.

We have been keeping in touch with an agent who we think would be a good choice and who has answered our questions on the home buying process thus far, although we haven't even started looking at houses.


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Home inspection tomorrow on townhome (new construction). Father is GC. I’ve never done this before. Tips? How soon before completion should it be done?

Location: TX Im going through an inspection tomorrow. The inspector (city?) will be there provided by the housing company. Me and fiance are bringing our fathers (Realtor/Contractor). My dad has gone through inspections before as hes built numerous houses and very knowledgeable in construction…but he is not an inspector.

What are some things to keep in mind during this process?

What should I make sure to go over?

I always though inspections were done closer to the completion date when everything was pretty much in place…last time i went to the house about a week ago, it was still very unfinished….unless they got a lot accomplished in that short time, how can a proper inspection be done? I doubt they installed toilets or completed the electricity in just a few days. Is this normal?

Thank you!

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