Pros and Consbof house lot (Greenbelt, Sidewalk side etc)

Hi Reddit!! Looking to buy our new home and have a choice of what side of the street we want to build on.

One side is on a greenbelt with a trail in the back and is on the sidewalk side

Other side backs onto the back of other houses.

Trying to weigh the pros and cons for both for living and then again for resale down the road. We've had friends live on a sidewalk side before and mention the foot traffic as well as people walking their dogs, allowing them to come up on the property and even do their business on the lawn and driveway.

Just honestly trying to think of every little thing before we choose what lot. Any pros and cons to choosing the right lot when houses are closely developed would be appreciated!


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If I had a foreclosure over seven years ago can I get a mortgage again now?

Won’t borrow you will foreclosure details, it’s closing in on a decade and my credit report shows $0 owed to the bank that foreclosed on me


My credit score is 830ish

Gross annual take home is $50k

I have no debt

Have about 20% / $30k to put down

Looking to purchase a home worth no more than $120,000

Can I get a mortgage?

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Is it better to interview realtors after the house is fixed up a bit or before ?

I will likely talk to a few of them and only one will get the listing. This leaves the rest of them with a certain impression of the house that they can convey to their clients if they are buyers agents.

How do I ensure that information that they get when they are competing for business does not leak when they are on the other side of the fence ?

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Wanted to buy a new house, we found one we liked. How low can we get it?

Originally my dad found a house he wanted to buy for 330K, but he showed us more around the same neighborhood and all of us liked this one house that cost 420K. Now that's a pretty significant difference, but how low can we expect to buy it for if it:

Was built in 2017

Has a Zillow estimate of 371K

Has been on the market for two years and is newly constructed.

4 bedrooms with 3 baths.

Not the best school system around, middle school rated 3 with elementary and high school rated 6/10

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Selling home – Buyer using VA loan – Question on appraisal

Hi, we are selling our home which is 20 years old. The house is in great shape and we are not too worried about the value. However, if does have the original (20 years old 3 Tab) roof. We feel we priced appropriately.

Though the roof is old, it is not missing any shingles nor is it damaged. In my opinion, it will get another 2-5 years no problem.

In your experience, will the appraiser call out the roof as contingent to get the appraisal done? I know the answer will vary but I'm just trying to get an opinion or hear some experience.


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Home inspection: what would you ask for?

The house is over 150 years old. What would you ask for? What jumps out?

  1. installing gutters and downspouts on the roof (porch) to direct water away from the foundation. 

  2. chimney needs liner

  3. The tank is standing on four solid concrete blocks, which does not meet the standard. Ask the owner/installer if there is a written approval for this alternate installation. If not have corrected. Fuel line is buried in gravel and not in a sleeve. It should be in a sleeve if buried. Have installer correct.

  4. Minor wood rot on exterior repaired.

  5. Bedroom carpets coming up, torn.

6.  Provide separation between soil and wood to minimize deterioration due to moisture.

  1. Bulkhead concrete blocks are damage. Repair or replace blocks. Recommend installing an insulated door in the foundation wall at the bulkhead.

  2. There are no handrails on the stairs to the porch. Install graspable handrails between 34 and 36 inches high to promote safety. There are no stairs or handrails on side of porch. 

  3. Recommend installing continuous metal (aluminum) gutters and downspouts to direct water away from structure.

  4. Holes in foundation wall, for example in front around fuel fill pipe. Recommend sealing to keep air and rodents out.

  5. Basement repairs: Column is deforming beam and metal post is out of plumb(by water heater). Recommend replacing column and installing larger bearing plate. Screw jacks are not intended for permanent use due to their thin wall construction and susceptibility for failure in a fire. Consider installing continuous steel or 6×6 pressure treated wood posts.

  6. No insulation in basement. Consider insulating rim joists with closed cell spray foam and insulating walls to improve energy efficiency. Keep in mind insulation system must be fire resistant.

  7. Crawlspace. Recommend installing moisture barrier (plastic) on floor. Overlap plastic at least 12" and tape

seams. Seal/ tape to walls and posts to provide a continuous barrier to moisture.

  1. 1 Have an electrician install GFCI outlets in and/ or GFCI breakers for outside, upstairs bathroom and kitchen for safety.

  2. The downstairs bathroom exhaust fan is making excessive noise. Have the fan repaired or replaced. No exhaust fan in upstairs bathroom. Install exhaust fan to remove excess moisture and reduce related damages/ deterioration and/ or open skylight.

  3. The upstairs toilet flushes very slowly. Have this repaired or replace toilet for improved functionality.  Upstairs shower head is low for anyone but a child to use. Shower flow is restricted and there is no hot water in the shower. Have a plumber correct. Move the shower head to the opposite side of the shower.

17. Ceiling in master bedroom peeling.

  1. Install a continuous, graspable handrail between 34 and 36 inches high on attic stairs to promote safety. No guard rail around top of stairs in attic. Recommend installing guard rails.

  2. . Wasps noticed in attic. Want exterminators to check area.

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