CO – Difference between seller $5k concession and seller closing costs/fees?

Hi there,

I am in a FSBO situation where I am looking to purchase a house from my neighbor, we have agreed on a purchase price which includes the seller pay a max of $5k in closing costs. My intention is to keep cash available as I will want to do a fair amount of work to the house before I would consider it livable to my standards, and I consider a 5k loan at 3.5% to be cheap money.

I am using the Colorado state residential contract here:

I put the 5k in closing costs in 4.2, seller concession. However after review the seller/lawyer reviewed this they changed it to 15.2 Closing costs.

4.2. Seller Concession. At Closing, Seller will credit to Buyer $______________ (Seller Concession). The Seller Concession may be used for any Buyer fee, cost, charge or expenditure to the extent the amount is allowed by the Buyer’s lender and is included in the Closing Statement or Closing Disclosure, at Closing. Examples of allowable items to be paid for by the Seller Concession include, but are not limited to: Buyer’s closing costs, loan discount points, loan origination fees, prepaid items and any other fee, cost, charge, expense or expenditure. Seller Concession is in addition to any sum Seller has agreed to pay or credit Buyer elsewhere in this Contract.

Compared to:

15 CLOSING COSTS, CLOSING FEE, ASSOCIATION FEES AND TAXES. 553 15.1. Closing Costs. Buyer and Seller must pay, in Good Funds, their respective closing costs and all other items required to be paid at Closing, except as otherwise provided herein. 15.2. Closing Services Fee. The fee for real estate closing services must be paid at Closing by Buyer Seller One-Half by Buyer and One-Half by Seller Other _______________________________________. 15.3. Status Letter and Record Change Fees. Any fees incident to the issuance of Association’s statement of assessments (Status Letter) must be paid by None Buyer Seller One-Half by Buyer and One-Half by Seller. Any record change fee assessed by the Association including, but not limited to, ownership record transfer fees regardless of name or title of such fee (Association’s Record Change Fee) must be paid by None Buyer Seller One-Half by Buyer and One-Half by Seller……………

Which one of these is correctly captures what I intend? Both seem like they do the same thing but I am unsure of the difference.

Thank you in advance.

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My realtor is also the listing agent of my dream home.

So my wife and I are looking to buy a home and we've been working with a great realtor. So we found a place in a great location, really it is perfect. The price is a little steep so we'd like to get it for cheaper. It just so happens that our realtor is the listing agent. Now my question is would this benefit us any or should be look at a house where the buyer and seller are being representing by two separate people?


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775 credit make 52k a year and i was pre approved for 130k – something is wrong?

right, so my husband doesnt have a great credit but we are planning in buying a home. I have a steady job working for over 2 years makes about 50ish a year and i have 775 credit scores. Under my name i have car loans and i use my credit cards often and pay them full in the end of the month. Why did i get such a low loan pre approval? I dont understand…. i was expecting at least 200k. oh and i have no debt.

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Hurricane making landfall day of closing. Please help!

As the title says, I am due to close on my first house tomorrow when Tropical Storm (likely tomorrow a hurricane) Hermine makes landfall where I live. The title company is closing their offices tomorrow, so they want to move the signing up to the morning instead of the afternoon. I can't change my schedule.

Am I in any danger of losing the house by missing the closing date? Of course I am also worried about a hurricane damaging the house. If the house is damaged before I get a chance to sign, am I liable for that or do I have the option to back out of the purchase? Thank you for your help.

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What’s a good mortgage rate right now for a 1st investment property (SFH, Indiana)?

I was wondering if someone could ballpark what a "good" rate is for a 1st investment property. Some background, looking at a 60K SFH in Indianapolis, 20% down so about 45K financed. My credit score is above 800. I've got one quote for about 4.5% (all around there for 15, 20 and 30 yr fixed +-0.25%). My apologies if this is a really dumb question.

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First Investment Property (Washington, DC)

I'm in the process of closing on my first investment property (link). It is a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom (710 sq. ft) in Washington, DC. I'm using Rent Jiffy to procure the business license to rent in DC. I'm closing on September 7th, but the license may take an additional week or two. I would like someone to move in ASAP. I've prepared a preliminary lease template (via RocketLawyer) and will post an add on craigslist to show the place on September 8th. I will run a background check on the renter, but am not sure the best method. Is there anything else that I need to consider before renting the property?

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Making fair security deposit deductions

I have a tenant who just moved out (we did not renew her lease due to ongoing problems with her pets) and I'm not sure how to charge for certain damages. We had to purchase a new roll of wallpaper to patch where she allowed her rabbit to chew about 18 inches off, so that was an easy calculation, but she also allowed it to chew several holes in the original hardwood floor of this historic house and left a black pet urine stain on the hardwood of one of the rooms.

The floors can't be spot refinished as far as I know, and they can't be sanded again, so we want to refinish then by chemically stripping them, bleaching the pet stain out with oxalic acid, and resealing them so there are no ragged chewed spots. Do I charge her for stripping and resealing the floors in all three affected rooms? That eats up about two thirds of her whole deposit, and I worry she will object because the damage itself is to only a couple of places in each room. But we ARE having to occur the cost of the project because of her negligence… What do y'all think is fair? The chewed areas are about 8"x3" each and the stain is about a square foot.

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Do outdoor improvements influence price per sqft?

I was reading this post and it said "A property with outdoor improvements such as, shop/barn/landscaping/trees/fence/pool/well etc., will impact the “price per square foot” and will show a higher dollar amount vs. a property with no improvements."

What goes into determining the price per sqft in a home? How do things that are part of the home (a large tree or a barn) influence the price of sqft in the home?

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Service surveys

I keep getting pestered by everyone I'm working with to fill out surveys on what I think of the service I'm getting, too early on in the process. Redfin when I contacted a realtor through them, the loan company I picked out, and even the appraiser. I'd love to report on the job done, except I don't feel comfortable giving honest feedback on people who I am still relying on to get work done for me. I also don't think I can be expected to know my opinion of their work until I see the final product. And the surveys are pretty aggressive saying they have expiration dates and I won't get another chance.

What will happen to me if I'm honest? Will service improve if I'm unhappy? These people are human beings who I would expect would probably want to backburner me on their priorities if I haven't worked out to improve their work reputation.

The loan guy I feel made some pretty hand-wavy promises to get me to sign the contract, and I want to see if those promises are followed through on before issuing my opinion on what a great guy he was. If he follows through, great, I'll think he's a master. But if he doesn't then I will feel like I was lied to to get me to sign a contract. So pretty serious difference of opinion based on how it turns out. But they want me to send out feedback before I see what happens and say its the last day I can ever do so. And now this guy has been removed as my point of contact.

My appraiser this morning was kind of a douche. I'm the first appointment of the day and he was 40 minutes late, and he was like hey sorry but you know…trailing off because he's complete bullshit and had no actual reason. Setting up the appointment was a hassle, even though the loan company ordered him he didn't set the appointment and I had to chase him down. Then he said he would normally have appraisals done in a couple days but he's so swamped that he only knows it'll be some time after the holiday weekend. And now the appraisal has sent me a survey demanding to know what I think and that I only have 48 hours to do so. I don't want to say what I really think, and have this guy backburner my appraisal in case he thinks I'm being too harsh and sees no point to getting my job done. The loan company is already making noise about rate lock extension fees and the appraisal can really drag things out, I don't really feel empowered to complain.

How are these feedback reports handled? Do they keep it away from the service providers so it doesn't impact the job if its not done? I mean, sometimes I might be annoyed early on, but by the end then my opinion will have changed to a positive one.

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