Income restricted apartment?

Hey guys so I had a question I was hoping at least one of you could accurately answer. Where I live the only apartment complexes within a reasonable distance to my jobs are all income restricted at $24,360 a year.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue for a 24 year old but I work two jobs and got lucky in that department. At one job I am a teller at a bank and I make $11.50 an hour 20 hours a week. The second job is delivering pizza which on paper has a fairly low income but has a fair amount of untaxed income from tips.

The problem is that last month we had two people quit at the pizza place and I picked up enough hours to basically make me full time. This was a one-off thing and isn't likely to occur again but because it was within the last 4 pay stubs that the complex is going to want to see to verify my income it puts me over the maximum limit. What I was thinking of doing was skipping that month of pay stubs and saying I was on vacation so it's a more accurate representation of my income. Is that illegal? And in either scenario is the apartment complex allowed to periodically check my income?

I would prefer not to have to lie about my income but I don't really have a choice. All of the house rentals in that area are way out of my price range and the very few apartment complexes that aren't income restricted either have no availability into next year or are out of my price range.

TL;DR: income restricted apartments are bullshit. If I lie about my income to get one is it illegal, and can the company that runs the apartment check my income with or without my permission

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Why would a seller turn down higher offers? Need advice

Has anyone experienced a situation where the seller (through the agent) turns down offers above the asking price, saying that it is 'too overwhelming?'

Here's my story. I'm looking to move to a larger home. I'm pretty picky and the search has been exhaustive. Last week I literally found my dream home and it was for a lot less than I was willing to pay too. I found it just a couple days after it was listed and went to the open house. I was in love with it right away. The seller's agent told me to get an offer in soon because she will be presenting all offers on Monday. It was a friday night but I let the agent know that over the weekend I will be making an offer of $749k which is what the asking price was. I hardly ever see homes go for their asking price in this area so I thought for sure this was mine. I got my offer in Sunday with the preapproval letter.

Agent gets back to me that day to tell me the seller already accepted another offer for the same price and that she could show me other houses. I've purchased a few other houses in my life and know that this should not be the end of the story. Two offers at asking within days of being listed – this should be bid up higher, clearly this property is severely underpriced. I ask her to submit my revised offer of $770, she seems reluctant but does it anyway. She gets back to me the next day, says seller is 'too overwhelmed' to deal with a bidding war and that she is still going to go with the first offer. I bid again up to $800k, $51k more than asking and that much higher than the accepted offer. Still same response, apparently too overwhelming for the seller. She tells me it's because I'm putting 20% down and other offer is putting down 40%. Had she told me that in the beginning I would have happily put down 40% or more (actually I could have even paid all cash), but apparently it's too late and first buyer has already done inspection and they're moving to contract. I didn't realize % down was a factor. Also I sent along my credit report showing credit in the high 700s, bank statements, etc (my income is in the high 6 figures) – so there should be no issue getting a mortgage.

I suspect something fishy was going on here – I doubt the agent was even submitting my offers, and probably the other buyer was a friend of hers and she didn't want me making things more expensive. Is there any recourse here?

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For sale by owner, getting harassed by realtor. Please help.

My parents are selling their house by owner. This past weekend they had a couple visit off of an ad they saw on zillow. They loved it. The next day they got a call from a cocktail repugnant real estate agent from Ann Arbor claiming, "my fee is 7,000." My parents already have a real estate attorney to do the paperwork and since it is for sale by owner they were offering 1.5% to any realtor who brought them a client. But that was not the case.

Would love any suggestions or anything in writing that says this guy is a weasel by lawful definitions.

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Selling a house. Our lawyer wants us to ignore inspection period in contract.

We're selling a house. The buyers are asking for way too much above and beyond reason post-inspection. However the inspection report back from their attorney was received too late. Past the 14 day window after attorney review ended. My feeling is they have waived the inspection period by getting the inspection report back to us.

My interpretation of the contract is the inspection contingency was waived and the sale moves forward because no other contingency was triggered. Flood plain, radon, financing (cash deal with proof funds was shown to us), etc. I feel that we should force the buyers to move forward without any repairs done. Or they walk and we take as much of their deposit as we can.

We were initially going to do reasonable repairs anyway but the buyers have annoyed us too much with other demands I won't list here.

My lawyer wants to say that the inspection period is not a hard limit. What is the point of the contract if it's not followed?


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Home warranty question, post-closing (Calif)

Hi. Closed escrow ~2 months ago. Part of the contract was a home warranty. Note that the "upgraded" checkbox is checked.

Our icemaker stopped working, and I went to set up a service appointment to discover that I am on the Standard Plan, and refrigerators are not covered on that plan.

Finally, it's super annoying to have to deal with this, because replacing the whole icemaker is like $75 in parts and I can do it myself so it seems like it's not even worth it… but then again, what if the whole fridge goes next month?

Anyway, Fidelity offers many plans, and I'm a bit peeved that I got put on the "standard" plan when my contract clearly said "upgraded" (although what that means specifically, I don't know).


  1. What does "upgraded" typically mean here?
  2. Who messed up? Escrow, LA, BA, me?
  3. Who corrects the issue? How?
  4. Who pays the difference?
  5. Anything else I should know?


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Does FHA appraisal stay attached to property/address for six months?

I have an FHA deal that just fell apart on a flip I did due to buyers' inability to secure loan commitment and subsequent default. I am preparing to re-list the property in my local MLS. Weeks ago, the initial appraisal came in very low and I renegotiated the price with the buyer. At one point, I was talking to the lender and he was trying to pressure me to reduce the sales price and move forward with the buyers by telling me that, because this deal is FHA, the appraisal gets sent to the FHA underwriters and once that has been done, that appraisal is tied to the subject property for six months. Basically, he was saying that I should sell it to these buyers for the appraised value because I wouldn't be able to sell it to any other FHA (or VA) buyers for a cent more within the next six months.

Is that true? I want to check on it because, if it's true, then I am going to put a note in the private remarks section of the listing letting realtors know not to show the house to FHA/VA buyers, however if it is not true, then I will not restrict that portion of the market.

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Buying a house formerly seized by US Marshals service

A house came on the market, Its owned by the gov't apparently it was seized in a drug bust and is being sold off. Its location is simply amazing, the house itself will be torn down. I'm trying to get it at a discount since the realtor (who wasn't even in the same city) told me the asset managers who do these deals sometimes go for simplicity over maximum dollars.

Has anyone else bought from them? What kind of discounts did you get?

Side note, when I went to the property there was a guy there that works for the marshals as a contractor going to houses they own and prepping them for sale, he was telling me all the stories of what happened in that house and some of the crazy things he's seen in different places, sometimes you forget that some breaking bad level shit does happen in good normal neighborhoods.

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Here’s a fun one – buyer didn’t show up at closing

My poor clients are besides themselves. they took this offer (against my advice) because it was a cash deal, quick close date, Saudi Prince w/diplomatic immunity. hopefully it's obvious why i advised against it.

scheduled to close this morning, my clients, the sellers signed all their paperwork earlier the week, they've already moved to a diff state.

buyer just doesn't show up, i get a call from his agent telling me that he can't find the guy. couple hours go by and turns out the Prince is back in the middle east. won't return any calls, but apparently sent an email via one of his sons to his agent saying he doesn't know when he'll be back in the US.

beware diplomats with immunity because you cannot sue them. we'll probably have to have a judge declare the earnest money goes to the sellers, but it's a hug PITA for them, and we're stuck in limbo from a marketing perspective.

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