Relocating out of state, afraid my home won’t sell

So I have to relocate for work after they suddenly decided to close the location in my state. About 2 years ago I purchased my first home, and now I'm entirely freaking out. We have had the house up for about 3 weeks now with one open house and zero offers. I'm moving almost 3000 miles away (NY to AZ) and I have no desire to be a long-distance landlord, and I won't be able to afford rent on top of a mortgage.

What happens when you need to move and can't keep a house but it doesn't sell? How terrible is a foreclosure on my record if I can't continue to pay mortgage and rent? I don't think I'll be buying another house anytime soon, honestly I miss having a landlord to take care of problems and yardwork and such so I'm not too worried about not being able to obtain another mortgage down the road. What options besides renting do I have? We are having another open house on Saturday and are lowering the price again, but I need to move in just over a month and this uncertainty is killing me. Any tips would be awesome, I'm in Rochester NY. I'm kicking myself for buying in the first place, but 2 years ago my work promised they would never close the location here, so everyone felt safe. Thanks so much!

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What are the downfalls of buying a modular home?

I live in San Diego where it's really expensive to get into a house. We are currently looking to buy our first home, and out of curiosity I started looking into modular homes. There are some beautiful ass ones these days!!! What are the pros and cons of buying a piece of land and putting a mod home on it? Would it be a good investment in the long run if we decided to rent it out when we moved? I'm clueless.

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Best way to go about selling a mobile home?

My wife and I purchase a property that is two parcels and one has a mobile home. We have no interest in renting it out and want to sell it. It's in a good condition for something that looks to be be 30 years old. It's a 3 bedroom single wide I believe.

Should I go to mobile and modular home sellers? Should I go to craigslist?

Also, what can I expect to sell it for and how do I get more information on the age and what not to look for comparable price homes.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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How much money do you really need to start investing in real estate?

Amateur Question: I know this will probably have multiple answers and can vary a lot with everyone but I'm a beginner at this and was really looking for some insight into what I should expect.

I'm a college student from the NYC area and I realize that real estate here is brutally expensive. I'm looking into possibly starting to learn about real estate investments. The only thing is I realize coming into the real world after college I don't know how much I realistically need to start, and where the best place and location would be to do so? I'm very familiar with NYC real estate and so I know I'll probably need to go elsewhere to start. If I were to try to raise up $100,000 would that be enough to get started? Any Insight or things I should know about?

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Best way to constructively complain to property manager?

I'm kind of unhappy with the photos my property manager took for listing my place for rent. He listed it immediately without photos, then uploaded some photos 5 days later, and the photos are lame. No pictures of the bathrooms, and its listed on various sites as 1.5 baths or even only 1 full bath. I consider it basically 2 bathrooms, since its 2 fully functioning bathrooms, even if its 1.75 technically. I don't know if various sites have rules about not being allowed to list a bath with a walk in shower as a full bath or something, but if site rules are an issue, then photos of the bathrooms showing 2 separate bathrooms would at least help. Instead its just 5 measly photos of other rooms, and the photos are rotated on their sides too so its a headache to look at :/

Am I gonna get dumped as a client for complaining about this? Do I have any say or does the listing agreement mean they have total control over these decisions and I have to just take it? I'd be happy to upload other photos that I have to the listings myself if its a laziness issue.

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How do I learn what Wholeselling is and how do I get started legally?

I just learned about Wholeselling last night at a real estate class that turned out to be a sales pitch for their audio book. So I got a little info but not much. I went on Kindle last night to look up books on the subject, but I got a lot of that Guru type books were they spend most of their time telling stories rather than explaining what it is and how to get into it. I tried YouTube and very few videos are informative and not just more gurus trying to sell a book or something.

So what exactly is wholesale real estate. How does it work? From what I learned Bird Dogging is illegal in Maryland and Virginia, so how do I legally Wholesale? How do I find destress sellers legally?
How do I go about learning how to estimate repair cost?
I would love a DvD course on this but these asking prices are way too high, which was the reason I had to turn down the class from yesterday. But if you all can provide me some education on this I would appreciate it.

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Approaching seller’s agent for Dual-agency.

I'm in a seller's market, I don't expect there will be a lot of negotiation regarding price, and I'm interested in offering dual agency to a sellers agent to sweeten the pot on our offer.

What is a polite and professional manner to approach a seller's agent regarding this?

I understand the pros and cons of dual agency, have taken full course in real estate but stopped short of taking the licensing test.

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