Statute of Limitations for Foreclosure? Need help in General (WA)

No legal experience here,

I'm currently helping out my friend who is being foreclosed upon in a set of unusual circumstances by deutsche bank and whoever they pooled with. The legal proceedings have lasted more than 5 years, since 2010, and we are wondering how to look up the statute of limitation for foreclosure and any other relevant terms, information or strategies.

Really there was a series of clerical errors in the midst of the Deed/Title being shuffled through various mortgage companies and the result was the neighboring property being confused with the property being foreclosed upon and sold. So they essentially sold and are trying to foreclose upon a property they did not own or have the right to sell. We are unsure how to express this legally. What are the relevant variables? I assume we're trying to quiet the title but I don't know.

Here is the RCWs Where should we start?


Foreclosure WA…

Another element is the fact that the bank (deutsche) has a way better legal team and they know that the sale was wrong and are doing everything in power to sweep it under the rug. Is this kind of thing common in foreclosure proceedings? What can we do about it?

Thanks for looking, reading, your time is appreciated GREATLY!

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Putting together a website for my family Real Estate/Development company. Has anyone done this DIY style with Weebly, Wix, etc.?

Hi All. I am part of a family real estate business and would like to scrap the old website that we are using and build my own using one of the WYSWIG website platforms out there like Weebly, Wix, Shopify, and so on. I am leaning towards Weebly because I have set up a few sites on there myself before but sadly they do not have real estate specific templates. This may not be a big deal and I should be able to make one work.

Has anyone set up a RE site on Weebly before? If you can post specific urls, that would be super helpful.

Any recommendations? Plugins, etc.

Thank you in advance.

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Damp problem, landlord evicted us. (Uk)

We've been in our rented house for nearly two years. During that time we've had some serious issues with damp and disrepair.

We've been looking for somewhere else for a while but due to various financial and career things, we haven't managed to find anywhere suitable yet.

Thanks to the estate agent, we recently had a property maintenance company conduct a structural survey of the house to find the cause of the damp. We never saw the results but suddenly our landlord has given us two months notice as she wants to do work and possibly sell.

We may have found a new place luckily but we'd need to move asap. I don't believe the house is actually habitable anymore and would like to avoid ending up in hospital again due to the damp and mould. If we move out before the end of the notice period (which is actually one month in our contract), stating health issues, do we legally have to pay our rent for the last month or can we refuse to pay it?

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Looking to get an apartment in Queens, NY. Worried my credit score might be too low.

I know that every landlord is different, but wanted to see if anyone had input here. I have a 679 TransUnion & 652 Equifax. My wife's is slightly better, but not by much.

We make a good salary – our annual income combined is about 75-80 times higher than the monthly rent of the places we're looking at. I figured that should be enough to get us an apartment, but I've read that below 680 credit score might be a red flag. You think I'll run into any issues?

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Tenant causing problems, need advice (for my parents)

State: Washington

Hi, my parents rented out their downstairs apartment to a man. Within one week the sewage pump broke (I lived there for 4 years without an issue). He failed to report it and was just peeing in bottles and such. So, they replaced it, with a more expensive, better one since they found tons of baby wipes in there (the man claimed he didn't use them). 2 weeks into the new pump and again the sewage smell was overwhelming upstairs… And again he's using bottles and such, didn't report it. This time they hired a plumber & he again found the pump jammed with baby wipes. Plumber cleaned it out and got it working.

That's been the biggest issue up until now. Another thing is they got an electric bill that was ~$350 more then previously. Turns out the man was using those little heaters 24/7 even while away (not to mention leaving lights on). They requested he use them less if possible & to put up a curtain going upstairs (so the heat doesn't go to waste, since it rises of course).

Aaaanyways, my parents left for 1 week to Colorado yesterday, and suddenly we find out the man went to the city and told them that we "aren't letting him" use the heat. (and possibly said we cut his power). He said that he has been abused up until now, and wants all his money back + reparations. He also filed for a restraining order against my mom. (….wot). And has been sending her texts about how she doesn't care about his welfare and how she "scammed" him when she sold him some furniture.

Also, apparently the house wasn't "zoned?" for the apartment, so the lease may not be valid, according to the city. My mom spoke with them and said she's totally fine with having them inspect & such when she's back home.

My parents already spoke with their lawyer and asked him to give him a 20day notice. The lawyer says that they won't have to give him back his rent since he's been living there.

If there anything they should know? They're out of town and are trying to deal with this so I thought I'd ask on here and maybe relay some advice/info


(side note: other than the problems he apparently keeps the apartment totally spotless, so that's a plus)

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Recommendations for landlord insurance

I began renting out my primary residence after moving and buying another house. I'm changing insurance from home owners to landlord insurance. My current landlord policy is with USAA which is slightly higher than my homeowners was with Geico with similar, slightly better coverage (Geico didn't offer landlord policies in my area). Does anyone have any recommendations / tips for landlord insurance? This is my first experience with rentals. Since I live a few hours away I have a property management company managing it.

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How to reach investors?

Hello investors on Reddit! I recently started my first career position. I do marketing/social media/public relations for a small commercial real estate syndication/ crowdfunding firm.

As I am the whole of my marketing 'department' and it's my first time working (outside of internships), I'm having difficulty reaching the audience I need to. Namely, high net worth investors. We did one event/dinner/concert that went very well, and an informative meeting that wasn't as well attended. I write a newsletter every week that focuses on commercial real estate news/tips/etc.

My question is: As an investor how would you prefer to be contacted about an investment opportunity? Are informational meetings attractive to you? Or more of the fun type of meeting? Most importantly of all… suggestions on how to reach such people? Where should I be looking?

Thanks for any help or advice, I really appreciate it.

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