Redfin files for IPO as online real estate company seeks to raise up to $100M

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(IL) Rental properties investing?

I live in Illinois and am considering investing in rental properties. However, the current financial/political situation makes me question this decision. Do you think it's worth investing in rental properties here, even when the state is minutes away from not being the first with junk credit?

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Purchase agreement legal description of property T/W and S/T meaning.

Hi Folks,

I have placed an offer on a cottage property. The property legal description includes T/W RS##### (Together With) and S/T (Subject To) RS#####. Anybody have legal/realtor experience know if this is a bad thing? I know cottage country can be kind of sketchy at times. Also, due to a very short closing date, my lawyer cannot get the septic documents in time to ensure it was built with a permit. It is a 1985 build, wondering if it is risky to close the deal without the "Septic Use Permit" in my possession? (Ontario, Canada)

Thanks for your replies..

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Rent to Own to Rent

Bought a house just under 2 years ago after renting for a few years. Considering selling the house and going back to renting for awhile in the same city. Advantages of selling would be 1) Can make a profit in the current market. 2) Increased flexibility 3) Fixed monthly expenses.

Has anyone done this recently? How did you decide to sell? Did you regret going back to an apartment/townhouse lifestyle?

I know this is a personal question and there is no formulaic answer, but I am interested in this community's feedback.

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How to approach modest rent increase with inherited tenants?

Ive chosen to transition myself into a duplex with the current tenants still on the other side. Theyre on MTM agreement now, ill want to get them on a lease and hopefully raise rent by 40$/mo. How might I approach this diplomatically?

The reason for the hike: I think the market can bear it, my insurance is higher than previous owner, and I would like to add trash collection.

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New to real estate investing and I qualify for an FHA loan. How can I leverage this to get into a deal with experienced investors?

I would like to get into real estate as an investor who stays in the background. Since I have never bought a home, I know that I qualify for an FHA loan, and can secure a very low down payment. Is there any way this can be leveraged, in such a way that an experienced real estate investor would want to do a deal with me?

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