Feeling Uneasy About our Selling Agent. Thoughts?

Used the same agent who did a good job when I was buying my condo in Orange County, CA. When we were buying he was kind of pushy on upping our price and not focused on getting us a "good deal." Other than that, he went above and beyond.

Fast forward 1 year, we inherit a house about a county over, San Bernardino, CA (Upland, CA). He assures us that he sells a lot in this county too and it won't be a problem. Again he's been helpful with everything other than getting us a "good deal.He got us quotes from contractors and recommended good and affordable contractors.

When we first met (1-2 months ago), he thought the house could sell for $590,000. Then he back peddled down to $575,000-585,000 after seeing the condition of the home. Now that we're about 2 weeks from cosmetic repairs being completed, he emails us comparable houses that are sitting on the market at $525,000 (40 days) and newly listed at $540,000.

I have used sites to look at what's on the market and I think he's right, but the dramatic drop in price is not sitting right with me.

What are your thoughts? I think he either over promised us at the beginning or is trying to get us to lower the price for a quick sale?

Our contract is for 6 months and for $585,000. So changing the agent is out of the picture, but he's really lost a lot of my trust here.

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