Attorney automatically eligible for RE license. How to get access to MLS, self represent in home search?

My wife is an admitted attorney in NY and NJ. Per state law, she is automatically eligible for a RE license in those states. We are about to start looking for a home to buy and I think she should represent us so we essentially get "cash back" on the transaction via a commission. Once she gets her RE license, what does she have to do to get MLS access? Are there any pitfalls of her representing us in a home purchase with no RE experience? We pretty much know exactly what area we want to buy in, so we don't feel it is necessary to have an experienced Realtor from the perspective of advising us on what/where to buy, but is there any other value-add that we would be missing by self representing?

Edit: We have never owned/purchased a home together, but we have come close once (fell through at contract). I have co-owned 2 homes for <1 year that I flipped during the bubble, but I did not handle the transactions.

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