Closing delayed

We were set to close this past Monday on a house, fha loan, I was all set at closing to check in hand for down payment, got a call that bc I consolidated my student loans that they had to postpone and that it was a big no no. I asked prior to doing this should I do it now and was told yes, my mortgage broker went on vacation 3 days prior to closing, turned it over to the boss, then they got the verification that it was consolidated I thought all was good. Then they needed rent payment verification from my landlord that I had paid on time for a year, got them that, now they are waiting for my direct deposit payroll to hit tomorrow morning showing I have enough in my account for 1 month of mortgage. I'm just sick and beyond frustrated. We have moving trucks coming Friday, utilities already transferred, I purchased a dumpster to get rid of clutter on my credit card ( it was set up to purchase and deliver after closing) now I'm scared even that will get this loan rejected. I'm a hot mess express of nerves and I need to know my odds of this happening still….any advice???? Please!?

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