Getting ready to sell – Appraisal lists house w 3BR 1BA. I have 3BR 2BA. Talked to realtor and he said bank appraisals are hard to get overturned [LA]

Louisiana, not L.A.

I applied for a HELOC to take out equity to update and repair the house. I'm getting it ready for sale and it has not listed yet. The HELOC process with Regions bank has been going very slow. It has been over a month since I applied and I am just now getting a low appraisal back. It lists my house as 3 bedroom, 1 bath.

I emailed my real estate agent and asked him if this will affect how we list the house. He responded, "unfortunately yes. Bank appraisals are hard to overturn."

So now with a low appraisal I do not feel compelled to do much updating at all. I've emailed Regions and the appraiser.

The appraiser deducted $5K from my house compared to the comp because the comp has 3BR 2BA. The bath that she doesn't show on the floor plan has 2 sinks in a double cabinet, a full shower, an elongated toilet, and a jacuzzi garden tub. Does that not fit the definition of a bathroom? It sure isn't on the drawing of the floor plan that she has in the appraisal, and the appraisal lists the house as 3 BR 1 BA.

So fed up with Regions and their slow HELOC process. What do I do to remedy this low appraisal?

edit: typo

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