Looking at apartments with boyfriend. My credit is great, his isn’t. What are our options?

His credit is shot because of a car that he got repo'd after not being able to make the payments on it once his hours got cut at work and he was eventually let off due to budget and lack of business. This happened about a year ago and he's had nothing to really boost or ruin his credit further since then. My credit on the other hand is through the roof good because I have a card in my name I only charge my Hulu, iTunes, and medical bills to- and my mom covers my medical costs (we are both soon to be 23). I'm excited about looking at apartments come the fall because he will be done with school next month and employed full time by then (already had interview lined up) and I finished in May and have a job lined up for next month. However, I'm a little apprehensive because of his credit score. I'm not sure how we should approach the subject with potential future landlords. Any advice or personal experience?

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