Relationship with landlord that wants us out could get ugly. Help us prepare.

Hi /r/RealEstate! I live in Echo Park in a 2 bedroom apartment that I'm currently paying $1350 for (an absolute steal). I've lived here for 4 years and there are pretty strict rent control laws for my area. At the end of last year, my building was sold. They renovated the entire building inside and out, and renovated the vacant units. Those units are now filled, with the tenants paying about double what I am paying. The new landlord offered us $25,000 to leave, which isn't anywhere close to enough, considering we like where we live, the building is nicer, and the entire area continues to gentrify a lot. So we rejected the offer and chose to stay.

Long story short, the landlord has a lot of interest in evicting us.

We've been here for about 6 months since then, and I just received a notice from my landlord stating that he's received several noise complaints, stating that the complaints addressed live music coming from the apartment that was "extremely loud and bothersome". Now both my roomate and I are musicians, but we rarely if ever play music in the apartment (he's a drummer…he doesn't even have a drum set here), and if we do, it's during the middle of the day and it's not loud. I've never heard a complaint before from other tenants, and none of them have ever expressed anything to us about this. It SEEMS like the landlord is trying to escalate the situation in order to find grounds to evict us.

I've done some research on our situation, but I just wanted to ask you guys for some advice to help keep our noses clean so he can't just kick us out. Are there laws about making music in your apartment during the daytime? What would I do if these noise complaints were exaggerated or fabricated? I plan on meeting the new tenants and giving them my number so that they can text me if they ever have any problems. Thanks!

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