(FL) Splitting up with junkie fiancee, would like to keep my house but where to start?

My fiancee wrecked my credit with an addition to opioids, cocaine, and spending.

After multiple attempts of trying to stay together, we've decided to part ways. She's agreed to move out but stated If I want to sell the house, she wants half of the equity. I would like to keep the house.

That sounds fair but to buy her out, I'd have to refinance. Since this pos took me from a 700+ to a 580 credit score. I've no idea how much my payments will jump up to.

I don't even know where to begin or whats kind of costs will be involved. After getting some input here, it seems like a lawyer may be able to help get things off my credit report. She had committed check fraud on our joint account that I had to shutter to get her to stop.

She drained all of our savings after getting arrested. She's lied about how much she owed the state and it's all just a goddamn mess.

Do I have to get another inspection? There are home repairs I've been trying to get done but could not due to her drug problem.

If I have to pay her half the equity then I'll take out my 401k. I just want to remain a homeowner.

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