Looking for advice about renting with [no lease] while paying in [cash] [FL] (x-post r/personalfinance)

Hi all,

I recently relocated to Jacksonville Florida, and have found a living situation that appeals to me very much. Nothing has been formally agreed to, no deposit has been paid yet, but the owner of the property and I have expressed mutual interest in my becoming a tenant.

So my main question here is this: there will be no lease and the owner wants payments in cash, so what liabilities are inherent in this situation? On the other hand, does this situation present any positives for me?

I met with the two other tenants, who have both resided there for at least 6 months (and I would be replacing a tenant who is moving out after over 2 years occupancy, all on the same terms as described above). These two said that they had no issues with the property or the living situation. The only other red flag I have identified is the property owner stating a desire to see my social security card alongside my drivers license. Is this in itself worrisome?

Any information and advice you have to offer is incredibly appreciated!

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