[NV] Removing myself from Public Property Records

I had a quick question for some of the experts here. I am a fairly well known person, and in the past year or so I have had some problems with where I live. I have people sending me stuff through the mail, and someone even tried to break into my home last year. The reason (To some extent I assume) is that people can find me on the property records by a simple search.

I am now looking to move homes, and I have a few different questions.

1) Supposedly if I put my home into an LLC/Trust, then it would not be searchable in the county property records. Which of these is the better choice? Are there any tax differences between them?

2) If I do not pay for the home cash, then I would have to put it under my name and then move it to a trust/LLC. In that scenario, there is still a record of my ownership of the property correct? I have looked up in the records people that used to own homes in the county, and they are no longer listed. If I buy/transfer the property, will it be difficult for people to find me online?

3) Is there any way to purchase a home within a trust/llc that has a mortgage? It doesn't seem like this is likely but I figured I might as well ask.


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