$1 million home next to a $300k home?

Hey I'm new to this sub so if this is not the place to ask just let me know.

I've just started looking for houses in the Phoenix area. If you are familiar with the area, I've been looking near desert ridge, paradise valley,Scottsdale, Arcadia, Gilbert and Tempe. We have narrowed it down to these areas because we are trying to stay within 30 mins of my work and my fiancé's work. Our max budget is $300k. We are meeting with a realtor next week but my fiancé and I have been doing some looking on our own to find good areas and get an idea of what we can afford.

What we have found thus far is the Phoenix area housing market is really weird. You'll find a nice updated house with good curb appeal and within our budget, however when you go look at it, the neighborhood is run down and the neighbors do not take care of their homes. We don't want to be the best house in the neighborhood. We want our neighbors to care about their homes. A good example of this is near OldTown Scottsdale there is a $1 million dollar home a couple of doors down from a $300k home. Is this typical? How can that be? How can we find a neighborhood where all the homes are around the same price so the value of the home is more stable?

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