Getting out of contract with unresponsive seller?

Throwaway account.

Under contract for a house, not sold as-is. House inspection turned up major issues, like a roof leaking in 4 places that has water damage/mold all the way to the plywood, electrical issues, foundation cracks, etc.

Made a list of issues, aimed high. She responds that house is as-is, and offered $500. I said no way, whittled the list down to the 4 or so big things, and said take it or leave it.

She went nonresponsive for 9 days at this point. She went on an unannounced vacation out of country, her broker admitted to my realtor that the day she got back, she went looking at townhouses.

I decide in the meanwhile I want out. I'm done. My lawyer tries to withdraw based on the inspection contingency, and now suddenly her lawyer says she's having a contractor coming out on Monday, so we can't cancel based on the inspection. We've countered that we now want the entire initial list remedied. No answer.

How long can she drag this out? This woman is dishonest, she lied about the age of the roof verbally to her agent which means her agent told my agent bad info to begin with; she still hasn't filled out the seller disclosure or the lead paint disclosure or basically anything she's supposed to have done. After we were in attorney review, she still hosted an Open House, which is shady AF. We went under contract on June 6th, and this was supposed to be a quick closing on July 15th.

Any advice you can give is appreciated. I'm at my wits' end and want to move on ASAP.

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