[Pa] To Rent or Buy?

Now this isn't exactly a post about if I can afford one or the other, i've used all the rent vs buy calculators lol. I just want opinions. I live near Pittsburgh and I can find a lot of decent houses for about $50,000 or less, they're all in a range of $100-$400 a month. Apartments on the other hand are so much more I can barely find any under $800 a month. (if anyone knows cheap places renting in the area please do tell). Now I would probably only live in a place for 2 years maybe more but lets just say 2 for now. I'm scared to buy a house and have to go through selling it in just a few years, but they're just so much cheaper a month. Apartments are more flexible with the length I want to stay but they're so much more money a month😂. I'm in a pickle what do you guys think is a better option?

Edit: This is also my first time doing any of this btw

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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