Bidding on a home – no CO2 monitors, state law requires seller to install them prior to sale? (Washington)

I'm interested in a property, but it doesn't have any CO2 monitors installed, not even a combination fire/smoke/CO2 detector. The seller's lived in the property since 2002. However, Washington law RCW 19.27.530 states:

"(b) Owner-occupied single-family residences legally occupied before July 26, 2009, are exempt from the requirements of this subsection (2). However, for any owner-occupied single-family residence that is sold on or after July 26, 2009, the seller must equip the residence with carbon monoxide alarms in accordance with the requirements of the state building code before the buyer or any other person may legally occupy the residence following such sale."

Now, it's also important for me to note: this is in the Seattle metro area. Seattle is a molten hot seller's market, and sellers aren't bothering to concede to any requests and very little negotiations happen here. Buyers are waiving contingencies left and right just to stand out amongst all the competition. This property's been on the market for a bit and is considered "stale" so I have much less to worry about in terms of competition.

This isn't an elective thing, though, it's required by the state in order to sell the property. Other than the monitor, there's nothing bad about the home.

I'm a first time buyer, how can I expect this conversation to go? Would I be able to say "OK fine, I'll install the detectors myself." or would the seller be absolutely required to install them prior to close, as indicated by law?

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