HOA questions in CO

My husband and I were hoping to buy 35 acres in Colorado to build our sustainable farm on. First time buyers/builders. However, we encountered the craziest HOA. You can't even allow your dogs outside, in your OWN backyard, at any time unattended. The "architectural committee" must approve, in writing, every single possible thing about whatever home/structure/fence/bike path we intend to build, and they can veto any of it, for any reason. They are allowed to keep a storage facility on our land, which we are not allowed to access. It goes on and on and on.

We intended to purchase a 40' Rainier yurt to live in while we built an earthship/recycled home. Clearly, neither structure is going to jive with an HOA or committee of any sort around here.

Is it possible to get around a super strict HOA, especially on such a large chunk of property? (The other close lots in the area are all less than 3 acres.) I understand curb appeal and property values and whatnot, but it seems pretty extreme to police property that large that strictly.

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