RH/FHA denied on appraisal – gas station?

We are desperately seeking insight onto an issue that has come up trying to sell a home. We purchased the home on a Rual Housing loan in 2011. The three sales previous to that have all gone FHA. We had the home appraised in Feb 2017 to check value and its approved FHA. We are one week away from closing and the buyer's appraisal denied the home going RH/FHA because of the proximity to a chain store gas station across the street. When we went RH in 2011, this issue was questioned, but quickly resolved with RH contacting the city about the specifications of the gas station. Now, we cannot get it approved and it has not been explained by the appraiser, lender, underwriter, RH/FHA/USA what the problem is.

It's a long shot, but does anyone have any insight to this specific issue? Any suggestions on how to get this through? We are just at a loss about to loose out on a sale.

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