Agent Is Really Slow — Is Something Off?

Hello! We're looking into buying a house sometime in the next few years, and I noticed that one came up near us (Farmington, MI) that is a great price and looks nice. We want to go see it, and we've been talking with the agent (a buyer's agent) to try to see it. At first, she said that we needed to be preapproved to see it. Fine — we aren't preapproved at the moment because we weren't really anticipating buying just yet, but this one looks great and we were surprised. It very comfortably fits into the price range of the last preapproval we got.

After lengthy conversation, she backed off and said we didn't need to be preapproved (and of course raised the price, because I didn't realize she was a buyer's agent until we'd been talking for a while; blah, I'm new at this). She said she was going to see the house, but the agent never confirmed her appointment. This happened twice. So we scheduled a time to see it, and she said she needs the "other agent" to approve the time. Expectedly, this hasn't happened yet.

This is frustrating because we just want to go see the house to see if it's a well-disguised run-down dump. I don't understand all the runaround. Is something off here?

We're first-time homebuyers, so we don't know what to do at this point. Do we go talk to some other agent? How do we find an agent who is related to this house? The house in question is this one (,-80.999451,41.097981,-85.921326_rect/7_zm/1_rs/1_fr/), so if you see anything that stands out, do point it out.

Thanks so much!

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