(California) Owner is selling the home I’ve lived in for over three years. I just want to move out now, rather than wait around throughout selling process. I have a proposition and want to get your thoughts.

I'm currently on a MTM lease. My landlord is putting his house on the market next week and plans to have an open house. He hasn't stated much else, like his expectations of me. The place is pretty old and beat up and is unlikely to show well in its current state. I imagine a lot of repairs will need to be done to get the place in shape to sell (not my doing, much has been in disrepair since I've moved in). I just want to pack up and leave. I have family to stay with until I find another place to rent.

My proposition: give me 5-7 days to move out and clean the place up. In return, let me out of my contract and return my deposit in full. I see this as a win-win: he gets his condo back to do with as he pleases (my rent and deposit are well under market anyways) and I get my deposit back and don't need to deal with the selling process. Does this sound reasonable? Or is there a better arrangement that can be made? Thanks!

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