How do I approach a realtor who I believe severely overpriced a condo in an area I’ve eyed & seen near identical units sell for $50k less? (Canada)

I'm a first time buyer and there's this one specific little area in the suburbs of my Canadian city that I really happen to like and I've eyed places in that area for a bit. They're just a group of 2013-built, 5 or 6 condo buildings, all of which are 4 stories high.

Anyway, as recently as 30-40 days ago, there were 2 condos in this area that sold. Their asking prices were $279,000 and $284,000 respectively. It's possible they might have sold for slightly less but I just don't know. Let's assume they sold for the asking price.

Now there's another one that popped up for sale, however it's a top floor/penthouse unit. It's priced a full $50k higher, at $332k! I know it's just an asking price, but this truly perplexes & shocks me because the unit is the exact same layout as the previous units I mentioned, not bigger whatsoever. Ceilings aren't higher or anything either.

Also, the other 2 units had much nicer kitchens! I can't imagine this being worthy of an asking price $50k higher just for being on the top floor. All of these have the same sized, private terraces/balconies by the way.

Also, what irks me is how the listing boasts about $20k in upgrades, particularly for the kitchen, however the kitchen still looks fairly bland and generic, regardless of what the owner spent on so-called "upgrading" it. It's a mauve-ish laminate countertop with off-white, generic cabinets. The condos that previously sold had nicer looking kitchens despite being laminate countertops as well.

Also, they all have hardwood (or engineered hardwood), but this $332k one is the lone of the 3 to not have the hardwood extend into the masterbedroom (just carpet). I know the $279k place did, which speaking of, I could even argue had a nicer view from its balcony.

If I really wanted, I could also get into comparable nearby units, also being top floor, newly built, slightly more spacious, far nicer kitchen, equally as good if not better location, etc.. that are priced a full $30k less.

Anyway – how do I approach the realtor of such a place? Will they be "insulted" or put off at me trying to tell them how I think it should be priced?

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