How to verify internet and power for raw land in due diligence?

I'm currently in the process of finding some raw land, which in a few years, I'd like to build a home on. The area (Western NC) is rural, but growing.

I have heard nightmare stories about people buying land or house and finding out they can't get internet at all. People will call and verify with the internet provider, their neighbors have it, etc All things you'd think would help you establish availability, but there is no accountability for the companies, so they say yes, only to find out "oh we don't service that address".

I work from home and internet is just an absolute requirement. They have satellite options, but with my work, it's not viable. Sometimes cell signal isn't available, so I can't hot spot.

Similar questions with power, how do I make sure I can get it and get an idea of cost. I've heard from a friend that bought land and found out it would cost $50k to get power. He now has a property that he can't sell, it is almost a financial ruin for him.

Honestly I'm terrified that this could happen and I want to do my due diligence properly. Any tips or suggestions?

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