Personal letter with offer

I'm in a sellers market, most properties (that I can afford) are listed for less than a week before an offer is accepted.

I've been told by multiple agents that I need to write a personal letter if I have any hope of getting an offer accepted, despite what I consider a very competitive offer.

  • 10% over list.
  • Only contingency is financing (10 days).
  • 30-day rent-back at no cost.

Do I really need to include a personal letter? Does anyone have any suggestions on what to put into one?

I've read the samples my agent provided. I've read various samples on the internet. They all seem so vacuous, I just can't bring myself to write a similar letter. This should be a business transaction, I shouldn't need to pull the heart strings of the seller by commenting on how beautiful the floors are or how much we love the property.

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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