Parents selling house. We can’t move everything out by the closing time tomorrow. Both our agent and buyers’ agent are going ballistic at us

The house is in Maine, if that matters. So our house is very large (around 12k Sq ft), and it has taken us much longer than expected to pack.

My mom has explained to both her agent and their agent that we won't be able to fully clear it out by the closing time, and both her agent and their agent are going ballistic. Their agent is threatening to sue us, and told my mom we could lose our house and get nothing. Our agent is telling my mom that their agent is correct, and is being equally mean to my mom. Their agent said the buyers can't wait to get in the house, which is why the closing time is so important. Although the buyers live in England, and have yet to step foot in the house, nor are they attending the closing. We have made almost zero contact with the buyers, though they seem like fine people.

We would only need another day to finish packing. Another thing is all the moving companies around us have been completely booked, and some are closed for the end of this week for the holiday weekend, so we've had to rely mostly on friends to help us. Another thing is my parents were away for 6 months for work, and just got home 2 weeks ago to begin packing, and I was away for school.

Based off this info, do they have grounds to be this hostile about what's happening? Do they actually have grounds to sue us?

As is probably extremely noticeable, I'm not very knowledgeable about real estate. I'm 20, and this my first time experiencing a house sale.

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