[TX]Can a broker list a foreclosed lot in MLS without an agreement with the trustee?

There is a lot next to mine that has been foreclosed on for delinquent taxes, it is held in trust by the county. The county is asking $10,000 for the lot, and it has been off the tax rolls for several years. No one has bought it because it is too sloped to be economical at this point. I just became aware that it has been listed in MLS by a broker for $30,000. I do not believe this broker has an agreement with the county to list the property, as the county manages all of their own real estate sales. Is this legitimate? Is there any way for me to get it removed? The geography of the lot is such that people mistakenly come onto my property when trying to view it, and they all come to the same conclusion that it's not buildable at this time.

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