Selling house – shed is not up to code. Leave it or move it?

We will be listing our house very soon and in researching sheds for our new property, I learned my current shed isn't up to zoning code since it's about a foot from the house (needs to be 10'). It's a 8×4 vinyl shed and sits on the side of my house that isn't really visible due to how wooded my lot is. I doubt any buyer would mind where it's placed as it truly makes the most sense, but I'm wondering if a home inspector (or anyone else) will note that it's not permitted there and cause an issue. FTR, because it's less than 100sf, it didn't require a permit to install.

I could take it with me to the new house but I really don't want to move it, and I'm looking to get a bigger one once we move. There isn't any other spot on this property where I could put it. Selling it is an option and letting the buyer come get it. But I'd rather just leave it, since it's really helpful and I think any buyer would like to have it.

Edit: corrected the dimensions.

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