‘Landlord’ entered apartment without permission/notice to show it [Chicago, IL]

Hi everyone. I will be moving out of my apartment at the end of July. My landlord has been showing my apartment for the past month with very little notice (just a knock on the door). 48 hours is required for prior notice in Chicago. I've been very nice and let them in regardless – had a clean apartment, etc.

Today, I received two phone calls from the office. One was at 10:38 asking if they can show the apartment at 11:00 am that day, as well as at 2:00pm. They called a second time. I was asleep during this period so I did not answer the phone.

At 12:00pm someone from the office knocks on my door a few times and then lets himself in with prospective renters. I was half asleep in bed and woke up to him walking into my apartment. He tells me "oh you're asleep, I'll come back later." I call the office and stated that they need to give me 48 hours notice. He said he gave me notice (the two phone calls an hour before). Then he stated I was given a paper on June 1st allowing them to just walk into my apartment – that it served as my 48 hours notice. That paper I received only noted ONE date from 10am-7pm. That's all.

Did he break the law? I don't know where to move forward from here. I'm 23 and pretty clueless on how to handle this.

Also, its a big building, person who walked in does not own the building.

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