Septic failed inspection, Boro authority won’t issue permit because he says nothing is wrong.

Hi all, first time home buyer. (edit .. i am in PA if this matters)

So.. long story short: house for sale at 140k, we offered 127k+3% sellers assist. Settled on 132k+5% sellers assist. Got a home and septic inspection.

The septic inspection was done on Saturday, it was very low. He filled it up and came back Monday, it dropped (I forgot how much he said), so he failed it. His inspection only reads "The septic tank is leaking water."

We added an addendum to the contract, sellers agreed to fix the septic system, get another inspection to pass, and be up to spec according to the Septic Authority Office.

The sellers dig up the septic tank, and the septic officer guy comes out (he has to check out the septic in order to issue a permit to get the repairs). I don't know if he knows the scenario in which our septic man had (as in, the water dropped a lot after 2 days). The septic officer will not issue a permit, and will not issue a statement in writing.

My real estate agent says he is the final authority on this because he is the municipal/governing body.

Now the bank is stating that our loan is conditionally approved, one condition is a septic certification.

So, we are going to try to get ahold of the septic officer.. What else? is this all we can do? We are uncomfortable going into this with the septic tank not fixed. (It's right next to the house, we don't want this leaking into the basement in 5 years…)

Thank you.

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