Looking for some advice. Selling home quickly?

My husband inherited a home from his father and has lived there his entire life. We met two years ago and I moved over here from England to be with him. We are now expecting a child and recently had a few issues come up making it make more sense for us to move back to America. I have some real family issues happening that require my full attention there and my husband has decided it would be best to sell our home and then move back to America and purchase a new one. It would give us a new start and some extra money. The home we currently live in is huge, basically two homes merged together and much bigger than we need or use. It just makes sense. I won't be able to come back here for some time anyway so it wouldn't make sense just leaving it empty and struggling to rent a place there. Our neighbours really want to purchase the home but they are using a solicitor that wants to really string the process along. Time isn't a luxury for us and we would like to have it done by abour 5 weeks or so if possible. We found a company called GoodMove who made us a very fair offer and say they can have it done in 2-3 weeks. They have solid reviews. They seem to handle the entire thing and make it a lot less complicated which is ideal with a newborn. It just seems odd they can do all of this and have us paid and it done with in this short period of time but the neighbours don't have any time line and can't get a straight answer or even estimate from the solicitor. We don't want to make a mistake and waste more time going with goodmove if it turns out to be a sham and then we have wasted weeks for nothing and turned the neighbours down. (It's the exact same offer.) Has anyone had experience with these companies? If so how did it go? Did they change their offer last minute? They claim to handle all fees and upfront cost as well. It just seems like there's some missing catch and this is a lot of money for us so we don't want to mess it up. We are wary of our neighbours because they haven't been transparent and can't explain a timeline or explain what they need to do next or anything really.. I ask questions like around how long and when does this timeline officially start? I get "I don't know." We wait days for them to ask and somehow they still don't answer and just end up giving us more questions because they confuse us. They bombard us with random stuff and weird excuses and it is wasting a lot of time, it's been 20 days since we started talking to them about buying it and nothing has been done except an evaluation they had done…They keep saying things like "your dad would have wanted this." and acting like they are doing us a massive favour. They keep trying to pressure us into going with them and we said we would give them our final answer.

Any advice? How long do house sells usually take? They have the money in their account and don't need loans or mortgages, they apparently have two checks done by the solicitor and then file ID1 forms for the land registry and then i think it's done but I'm not sure. We would have to get a solicitor too and don't have the funds for that as we are expecting a newborn any day now and goodmove has offered to pay for ours if we go that route.

What would you typically expect the process to be like? They've seen the house and made an offer so far and had an evaluation done and acquired a solicitor. Goodmove has made an offer of 80 percent of market value but has done nothing else because we haven't signed and they want us to before we move on. Any help appreciated. We are very young and have never experienced any of this.. also please forgive my formatting I am having some painful contractions and posting this from my phone.

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