Where should I buy a house in California? Husband works all around Bay Area.

Hi! My husband and I are right around the corner from buying our first home. Our budget is about 450,000. We could go higher but would prefer not to. My husband works all over the Bay Area. Mostly around San Francisco, San Jose, sometimes Sacramento. He has a lot of at home office days and also travels out of state so he's ok with a commute because it wouldn't be every day and can avoid traffic times when he does commute. The big question is where should we buy?? There is plenty of cities I'd love to live in but can't afford. I'm a stay at home Mom with two little boys. Safety and good schools is very important to us. Where in California could we afford? That's safe, has good schools, and isn't a horrible commute for my husband?? He commutes now about and hour and a half no traffic and doesn't mind that. We've looked into Ripon, Brentwood (a little pricey there), Roseville(kinda far). Looking for more ideas to explore! Thank you!!!

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