[Tenant US-MA] Chances of rental/lease application being approved with great credit but a defaulted loan.

I'm applying for an apartment tomorrow after seeing it and establishing a great rapport with the broker. This is my first place I'll be having on my own, so I have a guarantor co-signing the rental application with me. My credit history is pretty new, so it's not bad, but it's definitely not established enough, since I'm in my early 20's. However, my co-signer has 25 years on their credit score, with a single bad thing: a defaulted student loan. Other than this, payment history on the credit report is at 99%, no negative marks, nothing in collections, no mortgage, no auto loans, and they are a homeowner. The co-signers credit score is 750 on Equifax, and 680 on TransUnion. (Not sure why the scores differ) Will I be rejected for this or will it be okay? I wrote a cover letter to accompany the application, where I offer to increase my deposit amount, even pay for a few months in advance. Again, the student loan is the only negative thing. Score, rental history, on-time payments are all good to go. We're going through a professional management company who rents out the unit and writes the lease.

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