First time home buyer – choosing between two lenders (comparing fees) – New Jersey

Good afternoon,

As the title suggests, I am comparing fees prior to obtaining my mortgage (see below). I am having a tough time comparing the two fees as both list different types of fees that I may incur at closing. Any help comparing the two would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lender 1 (broker)
Attorney Fee: $1,400
Closing Fee: $400 ("settlement agent/attorney closing fee")
Survey Fee: $795 ("this will be ordered by your attorney")
Title Insurance and miscellaneous title fees: $1,850 ("attorney will provide title company")
Appraisal Fee: $475 ("this will be paid at closing or before the service is completed it is up to you")
Property tax escrow: $3,187.32 ("4 months current taxes, it is generally anywhere from 3-5 months")
Homeowners insurance escrow: $375 ("5 months $75, approximate")
Credit report: $34
Total: $8,366

Lender 2 (actual lender)
Appraisal Fee – $475
Credit Report Fee – $40
Application Fee – $1245 (says will issue credit to offset fee)
Flood Cert. Fee – $7
Final Inspection Fee – $150
IRS Transcript Fee – $20
Title Examination Fee – $175
Title – Owners Policy – $1,100
Lender's title insurance – $1062
Attorney Fees – $1400
Recording Fee – $300
Interest for 15 days – $567
Hazard insurance premium – $600
Hazard Insurance Escrows – $100
County Property Taxes – $1182.06
Total – $8059.16

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