Treatment of Limited Service Brokers

I'm currently selling my house with a limited service broker. It's listed on the MLS with great pictures and when I get an offer they will handle the contract paperwork until closing for a flat $1500. Personally I think the agent I'm dealing with is wonderful. He quickly returns my calls and has been a great help with my questions.

After a showing yesterday I called the buyer's agent for feedback. After some discussion he told me something I had suspected. He said there are many agents in town who actively discriminate against limited service brokers.

He then told me something that I did not know which is that he tells his buyers they should get a larger discount (3%) because the seller doesn't have a traditional agent. His argument is that the buyers are the ones paying for the agent anyways. He said most agents in town would do this. I was shocked by this and found it to be pretty arrogant.

Is this normal or typical behavior that traditional agents have towards limited service brokers?

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