First time buyer. Realtor advising me not to ask for repairs from seller based on inspection.

Entered the housing market earlier this year trying to find my first home. Eventually settled on a great one — but the sellers are huge sticklers. We almost lost the deal several times over small things and even getting the curtains included was a huge hassle. The seller is older and extremely grouchy and I can tell he doesn't want to pay anything extra, which has made things extremely difficult and challenging, especially for a first time buyer like myself.

I just had my home inspection done and there are a handful of things that make me nervous, but my realtor has suggested I don't ask for any of them for fear of losing the contract. One of them is that the water heater is old (but still serviceable), but based on lifespan water heaters, my inspector told me outright "you WILL replace this yourself in the next year or two". On top of this, there are several other small things that I'm reading on the report and I'm just like — I really don't want to fix these things myself. The water heater is probably the biggest one on top of some cracks (wear and tear) in the masonry.

I asked my realtor his thoughts and he said as long as the heater works we really can't negotiate to have it replaced. So I asked his thoughts on a home warranty and he said he really didn't want to ask for that, but I really pushed him on it and he finally asked — the seller flipped out and nearly walked away from the deal. So no home warranty.

I really feel like I have no power here but I don't know what to leverage. I could just find another home but this one is a great deal and really feels like the perfect home.

What do I do? Walk away? Or try to fight for some of these changes? Thanks for your advice.

Edit: Water heater is 9 years old.

Edit 2: Just for those asking what's the big deal over the water heater — the water heater is just an example. There are several things listed, from a damaged drain pipe to a few missing shingles on the roof. I gave the water heater as an example but am wondering if it's worth it to fight for any of these repairs, as my realtor has basically said to let everything go and just fix it myself.

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