Getting a private showing of a friend’s parent’s house & might try to buy it (PA)

Hello. We've not had much luck making offers for 18 months. We missed two for less than 500$, every house has gone for over asking, etc etc.

Friends of ours say their parents are going to sell their house at the end of this month of July, and we told them we'd love to see it. They have a realtor in the family I think they'll use, and I have a realtor.

The house seems like a likely candidate as far as neighborhood and size, and I understand that we'd be helping them out by buying it before they do the MLS dance.

How do I nicely say, "we have realtor?" How do I nicely ask, "can I bring our realtor in during this private showing?"

I need to toe this line of friendly situation but very serious business decisions without upsetting anyone, and obviously they're going to have to pay my realtor if we buy the house.

What is the best way to do this? Simply saying, "We've got a realtor, and I hope you'll let him join us" ?

How do I ask what they want for the house? Without an MLS listing, do I simply ask, "How much money do you need to move on?" and then offer based on that price?

How rude would it be to ask for a seller's disclosure? I sort of want some of those questions answered that I've been used to reading on disclosures.


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