Selling a waterfront camp FSBO (Louisiana)

Yesterday the buyer asked if she could come bring me a check. I asked her if she wanted to go through a title company and get a title search done. Apparently she had not thought about what needs to happen in order to have a legal transaction and have it properly recorded.

We didn't discuss who would be paying for the title company, but I did explain that a title search would cover her.

I recommended a title company that I used in the past. She said that she would check with a realtor that she knows and that she would get back with me.

I am not trying to scare off a buyer, but I did think it was best to legally transfer the property.

What is the bare minimum that you absolutely have to do as a FSBO seller? A friend suggested that a title search and meeting in front of a notary is sufficient. Is that true? Do notaries really keep paperwork on hand to transfer property, and if so, who records the transfer? I'm not trying to create red tape for the buyer, but I would like to transfer the property legally.

Is it really more than drawing up an offer to buy contract? (If so, I've done that before for a buyer [back up offer].) But I don't think that's really my place to do as a seller.

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