Question regarding complaints to apartment manager and what to do if they neglect to fix issues.

I've been having constant issues with birds at this complex and the manager basically said I am complaining too much. I feel as though he is just making excuses to not do his job because the complaints imo are legitimate.

I'll be as short and to the point as possible. Birds have been nesting in parking garage walls covering my car with feces to make me wash my car on the daily. They have also taken up nesting above my living room window ultimately flying down and tearing up my window screen while at the same time having their feces make it into my living room. I filed a complaint and they removed the nest but after about a few days to weeks there is another nest and the problems continue. Now I have noticed what seems to be bird mites crawling around and the managers response: "It's okay, it's not serious. It won't cause issues I mean we all live in natures backyard." I told him this is ridiculous and that they will have to take responsibility for damages if it gets to that point. He just neglects to do anything and pretty much says he will do something but unless you pester him he never does anything at all. And if I ask, he says I complain too much? It's just become so aggravating to deal with him. Never had these issues the first 1.5 years I lived here yet all of a sudden the whole building is housed with huge nests all over the damn place. Now even baby spiders (what looks to be dozens) everyday keep 007ing down from the bathroom fan and I feel there is no point to even ask for that to be remedied. What are my options at this point?

BTW if it matters: I am an overly clean person the apartment is clean as the day I moved in. I pay my rent on time never late.

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