Question Regarding Possible Home Owner Action (USA – SC)

Seventeen months ago I purchased a house in Mount Pleasant, SC located in a new development. The lot I chose backed up to a relatively large "common space." In total six houses backed up to this area, and I was told before I moved in that this area would be maintained. I do not have that in writing, but I did pay DOUBLE the lot fee because I backed up to an amenity.

When we moved in, there was construction everywhere. Houses were still being built and the common space with constantly covered in trash, and never maintained or mowed. I was patient because it was so hectic with all the construction and all the houses surrounding this area weren't finished.

But now here we are, the development is basically finished, and this area is still a total disaster. Landscapers come and go, mowing all the other areas around the development while this is ignored. Weeds, construction debris and trash occupy this space now.

I have written the building company, Cal Atlantic, incessantly. I have written the HOA which is called CMG, incessantly. Nothing is done. So I am writing to see what other avenues I can pursue. What might get their attention? Better Business Bureau? Are there any city resources available to me? Any channels I can explore? I'm at my wit's end and I thought this community might have some good ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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