Anyone familiar with the Washington DC metro market?

Hi all,

First time home buyer here in the DC metro area. I'm looking to buy a property with a high chance for appreciation. Many areas in the lower Maryland area are gentrifying, but since this is such a huge purchase for me, I wanted to be sure I'm making the right move. Our first choice to live is in Northern Virginia. But my instinct tells me that buying a place in lower Maryland will yield me greater appreciation profit.

Both of these properties are brand new and near the DC metro. One is in Oxon Hill Maryland – the surrounding neighborhood is definitely ghetto. The other is in Landover Maryland – a bit farther away, but walking distance to the Landover metro. I should also add that my wife is pregnant and does not want to live in an unsafe neighborhood. Which of these is the better buy for profit and appreciation purposes? (Also, we plan to rent out the basement to supplement the mortgage).

Option 1 (Oxon Hill):,townhouse_type/125822070_zpid/3-_beds/250000-300000_price/940-1128_mp/2017-_built/globalrelevanceex_sort/38.850604,-76.95056,38.775834,-77.067804_rect/12_zm/

Option 2 (Landover):,townhouse_type/2093766678_zpid/3-_beds/250000-300000_price/940-1128_mp/2017-_built/globalrelevanceex_sort/39.044519,-76.803017,38.745783,-77.271996_rect/10_zm/

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