1st Time Home Seller: Nervous I look like a “desperate seller” by being obsessed with staging…

Hi all.

Background: Trying to live that lake-life by finding an affordable lake house to move into year round. In Michigan (specifically in my area) we have like 10,000 lakes and half of them are all-sports (I'm exaggerating, but you get the point) and I want to live on one! But, I won't be able to afford anything reasonable unless I make a decent enough profit on my condo to use as a down payment. I currently owe $126,000 on it.

So, I've listed my condo for $189,000, though my real estate agent (who I have minor trust issues with) tried to convince me to list it for $175,000 due to the high per sq. foot $ amount. My condo is 1,190 sq foot, so it's small. But it has a lot of upgrades (extensive tile work in both bathrooms, granite counter tops, hard wood floor, new limestone fireplace mantle, etc) and is an end unit with huge windows. Not to mention it's immaculately clean. Comps in the area are not that helpful, because there aren't many and they vary greatly in size, price, condition.

I listed it on July 1st, and had 7 showings in the first week but no offers. This past weekend and this week I haven't had one showing request, and I'm starting to get a little antsy. I cleaned the house for hours every night before I listed it, and touched everything up for about 30-45 minutes before each showing, so I believe it's been very clean. The feedback I've received from showings is that it is priced right, shows really well, but one or another thing was off for the particular buyer (balcony was off the wrong room, no fenced in yard for a dog, basement didn't have easy access to plumbing for a third bathroom, etc). I don't want to lower the price yet, even though I have a little nagging thought in the back of my mind that I might need to eventually.

Anyway, I've been scouring the internet for tips on selling homes quickly/staging effectively/enticing buyers via tugging on their heartstrings and have come up with a plan.

1) I rented a storage unit today and will move any and all extraneous items out of the house (holiday decorations, winter clothes, games, books, picture frames, piano and piano bench, etc) tonight. Won't take long, I don't have much.

2) Molly Maid is coming out tomorrow (I've used them in the past) for a deep clean in the morning of windows, mirrors, hard to reach places, floors, and detail work.

3) I've printed up a letter that I want to place on the dining room table that includes notes about the home (like how the remote blinds work, how Phillips Hue Smart Lights work, how to operate the Honeywell Smart thermostat, info about the condo association, how the fireplace gives off heat, etc). At the end I put my name and number and said they can call/text with any questions about the home, neighborhood, association.

4) I've printed up a feedback form that asks 5 questions about the home (what did you like most? what did you like least? a criteria rating table… "What is your interest level?" multiple choice, and if you aren't interested, why?) and want to place it on a trunk near the front door with water bottles and mini-portable snacks like goldfish, fruit snacks, candy, granola bars, etc.

My questions are: If you walked into my home, what would you think about the note and feedback form? Would it seem thoughtful and put-together, or would it annoy you/seem cheesy? Do I appear desperate with the snacks and letter that leaves my personal cell number and name for questions? Am I being too personal? Most importantly, if I do appear desperate, do you think potential buyers would be led to place a lower offer than they would have without the letter/snacks?

Am I being crazy because I don't have any offers yet and everyone says is "the hottest market ever"? Help!

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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