Should I get pre-approved in this circumstance – only mildly interested in one house?

There is only one house I am at all interested in viewing. I am not in a rush to buy so I'm not chomping at the bit to put in an offer. It is not a very competitive market at my price range and this particular house has been on the market one month already. I know it is usually recommended to get pre approved before looking but If I like the house enough to make an offer I can get pre-approved beforehand. My finances and life situation are such that I will have no problems getting approved. If they accept another offer while I wait to get pre-approved it would not be the end of the world ad my goal is only to buy within the next 2 years. Basically I don't want my credit pulled as it may be months before I find another house I want to view and then my credit will be pulled again. Do you think it is reasonable to look at this house without financing pre-approval?

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