(NC) recently had to walk away from a house due to really bad inspection, seller us refusing to return due diligence money. Questions about recourse.

So, as my post says, I had put a house under contract, 3 days after ratification we had our inspection and it was bad. Moisture all over, covering up damage with heavy tape and mud, improper ducting and electrical, and the worst, a very rotten foundation. So looking at all of this we more or less said hell no.

We looked at the disclosures and the seller had indicated no about the moisture and such, but yet these were very evident. My home inspector got a reading of 36 on his moisture meter in a beam under the house even (and we have a photo of a screwdriver pushing easily through the beam due to rot) , and the insulation (newly installed) was falling down from moisture uptake. And even the seller own "home inspector" (I use quotes because he didn't write a report, only looked it over) told my realtor that there was moisture under the house.

So seeing as how he more or less lied, we asked for our 500 due diligence back. But the seller is refusing. Honestly if he had given me my money back I would have walked away no harm-no foul. But being that he's being a dick about it, I want to ensure no one else gets a less thorough inspection and buys this house without knowing the foundation is rotten.

So my question is, can I get the agent in trouble for the false disclosure, and can I post the home inspection online for all to see and effectively ensure anyone googling it doesn't buy it without seeing what was found? I don't want to break the law, but i feel like this guy (who owns a local business) is trying to fuck over someone by dumping a "flipped" house with structural damage and i don't want that to happen to someone.

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