Is it reasonable to ask for a replacement A/C that is functioning, but about to fall apart?

Under contract for a home built in 1994 with the original split unit heat pump. The compressor is outside and the air handler is in the crawl space. Being a 22+ year old system this thing has well surpassed its useful life. The air handler is almost completely rusted out but still blows cold air and has good freon levels. My HVAC inspector did not specifically recommend replacing the unit, but I asked for a quote just so I would have something to negotiate with. His quote was $5,500 for a turnkey system which I plan to ask the seller for as a replacement or price concession. I know every market is different, but what have other people's experience been in similar situations? My realtor doesn't think I'm asking for too much, especially after we saw the pictures.

My current contract is for close to asking price. The seller has told my realtor that he has "a hot back up offer above list price", but he could just be trying to blow smoke. I think most reasonable buyers in my market would want something like this fixed.

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