Need advice from some veteran agents

So guys i dont know where else to turn, after researching online to find an answer i turn to you guys for advice. I'm using my throwaway because i think my coworkers know my main and i dont want them to know how i feel.

So basically I'm a new agent, and by new, i mean i got my liscense a little over a month ago and ive been at Keller Williams. I'm only in my 20s and my past work experience is working at restaurants (which i still do to pay bills). I joined a team to help me get on my feet in real estate and so far its been ok. The only downside is I work from about 8-3 in the office and then 5-12 at the restaurant damn near everyday of the week and i have one full day off on sundays that i usually just do a couple hour open house on.

So far, I'm about $4k deep into real estate and thats including my NAR fees, MLS fees, suprakey fees, and stuff like that. In my first month ive been on one listing appointment where the guy said he wanted to wait a little to list and thats it. No buyer appointments or any further listing appointments. From 9-12 every day i spend cold calling people, circle, expireds, withdrawn, whatever it is I'm calling. I average about 1500 calls a week and so far that hasnt resulted in much.

The reason for my post is i just got hit by my first office dues, about $110. I know its not much but so far my sole income is coming from the restaurant i work at where i make $14/hr and cut back my hours from 30/week to about 18/week to focus on real estate. I'm feeling really down and just upset with how things are going. I want stable income, ive been busting ass for my team the last month and so far ive lost $100 and made nothing. I just want advice on what i should do because its only been a month and i feel like shit. How will i feel after a year? 5 years? 10 years? Ive looked at maybe moving to new home sales or working with Redfin because they offer a salary. I havent talked with anyone on my team about this because if i do i know they will say its only been a month, tough it out but my gut is really telling me this isnt a good situation and something needs to change and ive always listened to my gut before and it has usually been right. Idk I'm just feeling really lost and upset and if any other agents have any advice i would love to hear it

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