Need help trying to get security deposit back for apartment I did not move in

I told this landlord I wanted the apartment and she took it off the market for approxamitely 2 weeks. The rent is 1100 a month and I gave her my security deposit of that much. I changed my mind about moving in as I found a cheaper option. Is there any legal way to get my deposit back or am I screwed out of the money? This is all happening in missouri.

This was the email my potential landlord sent:

Not only have you wasted my time but you’ve cost me income. You did not take responsibility to know when your current lease ended. On July 11th when asked in writing, you confirmed you DID want to take possession on July 15th as previously agreed to verbally. On July 12th you informed me you don’t. Your current lease termination date should have been considered before you committed to take possession of my apartment July 15th when you gave me your deposit on June 29th. The unit was available July 1st and I compromised and split the month with you. From June 29th to July 12th, you still have not provided the requested information to complete your application.

I have now lost, at the least, one month’s full rent of $1,100. I’ve paid for two background checks at $25 each due to the information you provided for your social security number was incorrect. Both of our time is valuable and I’ve spent at least 8 hours dealing with this issue. All totaled I’m out, at least, $1,150 and I need to begin the entire process over.

For the above reasons, your deposit is forfeited.

Thanks for any insight, I feel like I just fucked myself over and feel terrible that I can't get the money back.

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