(PA) Sold my house – broker made error on transfer taxes and is now asking for money back

I sold my house this week, closed on Monday to a cash buyer with a broker/settlement officer handling the exchange. Thought everything was wrapped up, papers signed, check cashed, all done.

Today I got an email from her via my agent saying that while the broker was recording the deed, she discovered she accidentally only took out 2% transfer tax (split in two between buyer and seller) instead of the 4% due (state plus city). Now she's asking for me to write a check for the difference on my half, which is around $1.5k. She apparently made the mistake for herself as well, meaning she owes the same amount back.

I'm more than a little frustrated, and wondering about the legal ramifications. Legally, is she on the hook for that amount, or are we? She hasn't even sent me any formal documentation regarding the error and fee yet, she just asked for a check. Won't be paying anything until she at least gets me something official.

Thanks for any advice/input.

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