Roof dilemma for first time home buyers

Per MLS roof was done in 2011.

During the inspection, one of the first things the inspector said to us (before the realtor came) was the roof is gonna need replacing soon. Obviously that gets me worried. I informed the inspector per MLS the roof was replaced in 2011. He says, oh ok I'll check the attic to see if there are nail marks that would indicate a replacement. After the inspection of the attic, he reports he didn't see the marks that would indicate a new roof. He also states that the heavy rain last night and sunlight limiting his inspection of the roof.

On his report all he writes is 'minor' shingle damage with pictures of lifted shingles and nail pops, defective vent collar, moss growth. And "inspector was told roof was replaced in 2011". I get pissed, called the inspector and ask why he didn't put his guesstimation of the roof's age. Why he didn't write anything about the missing nail marks on attic, he said that's not always reliable. He also brings up the same excuse of rain and light limiting the roof inspection. He does not change his statement on the roof.

I call my realtor, demanding the sellers provide proof of the roof in 2011. They comeback with having no proof of the roof being done bc the roof was actually done in 2010 by the previously seller they bought the house from. I'm thinking if the roof was so new, why didn't they ask for receipts bc a new roof would usually be backed up with the roof contractor's or manufacture's warranty.( I understand that's always not the case but still…)

I tried pulling old permits, non seen, don't think our county requires permits for shingle replacements… asked realtor about previous MLS from 2011 when sellers bought the house, no description of new roof… but she also said not much detail was on it in the first place, for a fact we know the hvac was replaced on 2010 since the machine is dated. New hvac wasn't listed on the old MLS either so realtor thinks it's not reliable. I agree .

Bc I can't trust anyone anymore, I decide to hire a roof inspector to see what is needed. We are very short on time, realtor tells me I have to get this done ASAP since the 7 days to negotiate inspection contingency will be due Sunday and we have to make a counter.

So question, with my scenario what should I do? Of course I have to wait until the final say of the roof inspector…

Initially I was more worried about being having to replace the roof sooner than expected… now I'm feeling angry towards the seller for making a misleading claim of the roof without even having ANY proof!! Am I being a crazy picky bitch???

How much of a credit should I settle for… I'm even thinking of the extreme and pulling of this house to end this headache ….

On the other hand… would like to have some feedback with some home insurance companies…

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